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Student Athlete

The lesser known college experience 

The filming of Student Athlete has temporarily been postponed due to Covid-19. We pray that our cast, crew and their families continue to stay in good health and we look forward to reuniting with them all to resume filming on location in Boise, Idaho in the second quarter of 2022!

Coming Soon

“Student Athlete” captures the difficulties and uniqueness of a Black football player attending a predominantly white university. In his senior year he has still not become accustomed to the feelings of exclusion and isolation he endures as a student and the praises he receives as a star athlete. This struggle of balance all changes when he meets a few unlikely friends that help him prepare for life as a professional football player after college. 


Coming Spring 2022






“Black American vs African American” is a YouTube series that includes a panel of two college aged Black American women and two college aged African American women. The two groups discuss the disconnect that exists between the two communities by sharing their own experiences that they’ve had and discuss what can be done to resolve these issues. 

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